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Knitting Bug at Junkyard Dogs

It was really welcoming arriving at Junkyard Dogs cafe theatre bar this morning on Edward St, with the pop-up Huberdashery for our first Knitting Bug Meetup. Laura the cafe owner was very encouraging and so we spread out our stash of yarn, needles and hooks, to help get people started.


Remade in Brighton, Pop-up Knitting Bug Huberdashery

Remade in Brighton's Needle Stash

Needle stash


I chatted with Moira, she showed me her incredible work; shark slippers, brussel sprouts, chamelions, nothing was beyond her knitting capabilities, I was very impressed by such stunning and quirky projects. As the morning slipped by Moira did a crochet warm up and then moved onto masterminding a knitted brown beard in garter stitch for a knitted groom (can we hear wedding bells).

Crochet Warm Up


Moira at the first Friday of the month Knitting Bug, with work in-progress shark slipper.


Wendy Joined us on the subject of crochet too, we grabbed our handy Stich n’ Bitch crochet guide – The Happy Hooker (the book that taught me the best yarn hold for speedy crochet) and found some help in getting started. Wendy’s a knitter by preference and yet wants to build on her skills, a plan is to work steadily towards making a crochet monkey. Everybody needs one !

Jackie brought a full to the brim suitcase of yarn supplies, stuffed with kindly donated saved balls of wool and oddments. We gasped with delight at the amount of rescued yarn there was, thank you Jackie you’re a brilliant yarnaholic hoarder ! It would be inspiring for the group to use up all of the yarn in the suitcase on a Knit for Peace initiative; even if we all contributed just a few squares. Knit for Peace are charity knitting group that we recommend if you wish to start charity knitting for yourself as they target a wide range of in-need groups at home in the UK and abroad. Jackie got started straight away with a lovely baby blanket pattern and found a perfect giant ball of yarn that was just right.  The reuse yarn from the Huberdashery pop up suitcase is a community craft source at the ready to help new projects take shape and grow. Thanks for those that made the £2 contribution to the pot for keeping things like needles, hooks, and printed patterns in use by all knitters to the circle.


Jackie's baby blanket starts here !

Jackie’s baby blanket starts here !

Sarah has continued to dazzle with her innovative loom knitting; showing us her work- in-progress cape, crafted in beautiful tones of purple mulberry and plum. We’d really like to look at this technique further as the piece develops. In this version of loom knitting the cape is constructed with a line-by-line, up and back approach, most interesting.

I like the way it sits comfortably in the lap too. Varjak (the cat) would need to be careful around one of these devices.


Sarah's knitting Lap Loom

Sarah’s knitting Lap Loom


Crochet was very much flavour of the day, with Helen getting started on a giant granny square, the design is by Tracey Todhunter and is a great project for any beginner learning how to crochet. Good luck with the neckline Helen, please check in soon for any tips on moving the project forward.

It was super lovely to meet new people and welcome friendly faces to the knitting bug, it was a highlight of the week for me. Thanks to all who came, February is a short month so see you all soon at the first Friday in March !  Same time, same place. The group had a confessional feel to it – we admitted to being yarn lovers, so keep doing what you love and do it often !


Friday's Knitting Bug at Junkyard Dogs

February’s Knitting Bug at Junkyard Dogs

Loom Knitting

Lovely Junkyard Dogs Menu

Lovely Junkyard Dogs menu with leftovers



The Circus is Leaving Town

Remade in Brighton having been sorting and packing up various materials this week as our temporary stay in ‘Top Produce’ unit nine is coming to a close.  The demolition of the existing site at Circus Street will start in July, with construction scheduled to begin this November.

This Wednesday evening was an opportunity to say cheerio to our remaking and upcycling community, with a little party celebration -thanks to Cathedral group; the urban regeneration hosts. Now it’s time to draw the shutters down.

Here are a few pick n’ mix moments over our colourful stay in the the old market, it’s been full of exciting adventures and has allowed Remade In Brighton to kick-start some new projects within the Tarner Community and Brighton Youth Centre.

Sarah's revamped bonnet at the showcase party.

Bonnet Bonne Amie; Sarah’s revamped hat at the showcase party.

Ergun ,one of the Circus Street hoop perfomer's

Ergun; one of the Circus Street hoop performer’s


Afghan crochet by hand

Afghan crochet by hand

Ergun showed us the other clever things can do – this was his Afghan crochet purse, hand-made in a striking geometric pattern, the man comes with skills in sticks and circles !


Selection of refashioned, Remade in Brighton's project suitcase.

Refashioned selection, from Remade in Brighton’s project suitcase.

Junk to Funk Blooms on Bikes, the BYC Trashion Show

Junk to Funk Blooms on Bikes, the BYC Trashion Show


Refashion Rubbish + Restyle Clothing at the BYC

Hi, as you may know, Remade in Brighton are planning a series of workshops with the Brighton Youth Centre (BYC) on Edward street, starting on Wednesday’s in April. The upcoming, junk to funk, restyle clothing and remaking rubbish programme has been enabled by local council funding.
The workshops will provide young people, between the ages of thirteen and nineteen, a hands-on experience at turning locally found ‘waste’ into wonder – using simple DIY skills such as top-stitching, cutting and sticking, with support from local design tutors.
The programme will lead onto a showcase event later in May, as part of the B.fest Launch at Jubilee library, planned for Wednesday 20th May at 7.30-9pm
The B.fest 2015 event is an opportunity for you to come and view the Trashion-Fashion showcase and see how Remade in Brighton are promoting an awareness of waste, and finding problem solving ways to add value to left behind materials.
#Restyle Rubbish

Remade at LoveCycle 2015


Remade in Brighton, Brolly to Bag Project.


Enjoy a few images from last weekend, as Remade in Brighton open the pop-up maker’s huberdashery on Circus Street.






Circular Pre-loved Progress, LoveCycling and Polys.

As Remade in Brighton approach a Circus Street event this Saturday at the Love Cycle Launch Party, busy minds are picking up the tendrils of reusing materials, in circular style. A good place to start with a made-by-hand project is utilising pre-loved cottons for ‘rugging’ with.

Circular crochet rug by Fix Szabo

Circular crochet rug by Fi Szabo

I was very happy with the shape of the one made earlier – circular rounds in crochet are quick and easy to work. As part of brightening the dusty corners of unit nine at Circus Street, we are collating potential upcycled fibre from preloved garments, and will be helping you to try your hand at forming a loop or two, towards creating a community love-rug or circular seat matt, depending how large you wish to go.


Getting ready for the rounds, collating reclaimed materials.


'Top Produce' - packing crated at unit nine.

‘Top Produce’ – packing crates at unit nine.


As our event falls on the day that Eros bites, let’s make it a hot-acid bright alluring colour palette, Môn petite artisanalment !

Acid bright, Eros bites  our Loverug colour palette !

Acid bright, Eros bites ‘Loverug’ colour palette !


Other thoughts on fibre, it can of course be plastic turned to plarn, and at Remade in Brighton we encourage you to reduce dependency on plastic, as I know you know, it’s not very kind to our planet. To reflect on this we have a simple solution that tackles landfill waste, and produces a useful shopping bag; one that is both robust, showerproof and condenses neatly into your day-sack. You can come and sample the process of creating your own brolly to bag too with us. #BrollytoBag

One we found earlier - #BrollytoBag

One we found earlier #BrollytoBag


The pavements close to Grande Parade in Brighton are a keen place to scout for lost umbrellas. A large brolly, in gorgeous red tartan was rescued this week, it’s obvious elegance will be appreciated by Jackie Finke (or Apple Finkle, her avatar fruit name at Circus Street) who knows best how to craft the item and value the material, transforming it into a handy bag. Plus the handle will be put to good use.

Tartan lost brolly, found at Grand Parade.

Tartan lost brolly, found at Grand Parade.


Brolly handle project.


I watched a short film this week, directed by newbie filmmaker Jamie Stone, who has recently released Skyborn; a film with an incredible looking flying machine, shot in a grungy, organic, post apocalyptic future – where the Sun has stopped shining because of layers of dense fog….it also features carrier bags.


The flying machine in short film Skyborn.

The flying machine in short film, Skyborn.


The look of the film is raw and make-do scrappy, with steam punk inspired costume details, the cinematic backdrop resonates with a theme where in the future, plastic is ‘evdence’ of advancement into the privilege race; those of the high tech, high-rise, over-gated sky civilisation, looming way up in the heavens, above the smog scarred ground. Those left below dwell and fend for themselves, these are the characters that tell the story; Blue and his father Gideon, who ponder the meaning of the ‘polys’ that float back down, amid a derelict wasteland.

This weekend, with Love Cycle sending your heartstrings a message for the future,  say ‘no thanks’ to the plastics, make plarn instead, let’s have the Sun continue to shine brightly with an alternative future vision!

Stroll the clear path along to Circus Street this Saturday, from 11am, where we will be offering ‘junk to funk’ tasters and crafty demo’s, pick up any hastiliy abandoned items on your way, where they will be welcomed by the makers at Remade in Brighton.

Satsuma 'wood logs@ Hodges, with Remade floral plastci bouquet by Jackie Finkle.

Satsuma ‘Wood Logs’ Hodges, with Remade floral poly bouquet by Jackie Finkle.


Cable table top with floral poly bouquet, at Remade in Brighton

Cable table top with floral poly bouquet, at Remade in Brighton


Love Fix and the top produce crew.




Inside Number Nine

Under the old Municipal Market at Circus Street

Under the old Municipal Market at Circus Street

In a week of extreme high winds, causing hazardous conditions around the UK, the Remade In Brighton craftivists are gathering up broken brollies and moving their supply suitcases into number nine Circus Street.

The Circus Street Municipal Market, originally opened in 1937, is now being utilised by local groups, before it is dismantled and redeveloped.

Remade in Brighton are particularly glad to have found a temporary home for their project,

which consists of reclaiming unwanted textiles, furniture and general left behind items, along with providing a community Huberdashery service.

Whilst doing a glance around the derelict arcades, I felt a great pang of wistfulness for the life and jostle of the market in its former heyday, when it would have been flourishing. As a utilitarian designer with a wry eye for conservation, I found the thought of demolishing the original features, façade and character of the old market somewhat unpalatable, quietly I wished for another solution to what architects have designed out of the plans.

My preference imagines the original character embedded into the design solution; a growing urban vegetable garden, a nurturing  platform for small micro traders with collaborative community enterprises, like the Wood Store, still at the heart of this central pocket of Brighton life.

On the 14th February Circus Street will be hosting an open day for the community to find out more and feel invited along to sample activities, as the Remade in Brighton collective look forward to ‘making good use of the things that we find’ by leading the first in a series of community Wombling Walks around the Circus Street neighbourhood.

Unit nine - the old 'Top Produce'

Unit nine – the old ‘Top Produce’



Inside Number Nine

Inside Number Nine


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