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Circular Pre-loved Progress, LoveCycling and Polys.

As Remade in Brighton approach a Circus Street event this Saturday at the Love Cycle Launch Party, busy minds are picking up the tendrils of reusing materials, in circular style. A good place to start with a made-by-hand project is utilising pre-loved cottons for ‘rugging’ with.

Circular crochet rug by Fix Szabo

Circular crochet rug by Fi Szabo

I was very happy with the shape of the one made earlier – circular rounds in crochet are quick and easy to work. As part of brightening the dusty corners of unit nine at Circus Street, we are collating potential upcycled fibre from preloved garments, and will be helping you to try your hand at forming a loop or two, towards creating a community love-rug or circular seat matt, depending how large you wish to go.


Getting ready for the rounds, collating reclaimed materials.


'Top Produce' - packing crated at unit nine.

‘Top Produce’ – packing crates at unit nine.


As our event falls on the day that Eros bites, let’s make it a hot-acid bright alluring colour palette, Môn petite artisanalment !

Acid bright, Eros bites  our Loverug colour palette !

Acid bright, Eros bites ‘Loverug’ colour palette !


Other thoughts on fibre, it can of course be plastic turned to plarn, and at Remade in Brighton we encourage you to reduce dependency on plastic, as I know you know, it’s not very kind to our planet. To reflect on this we have a simple solution that tackles landfill waste, and produces a useful shopping bag; one that is both robust, showerproof and condenses neatly into your day-sack. You can come and sample the process of creating your own brolly to bag too with us. #BrollytoBag

One we found earlier - #BrollytoBag

One we found earlier #BrollytoBag


The pavements close to Grande Parade in Brighton are a keen place to scout for lost umbrellas. A large brolly, in gorgeous red tartan was rescued this week, it’s obvious elegance will be appreciated by Jackie Finke (or Apple Finkle, her avatar fruit name at Circus Street) who knows best how to craft the item and value the material, transforming it into a handy bag. Plus the handle will be put to good use.

Tartan lost brolly, found at Grand Parade.

Tartan lost brolly, found at Grand Parade.


Brolly handle project.


I watched a short film this week, directed by newbie filmmaker Jamie Stone, who has recently released Skyborn; a film with an incredible looking flying machine, shot in a grungy, organic, post apocalyptic future – where the Sun has stopped shining because of layers of dense fog….it also features carrier bags.


The flying machine in short film Skyborn.

The flying machine in short film, Skyborn.


The look of the film is raw and make-do scrappy, with steam punk inspired costume details, the cinematic backdrop resonates with a theme where in the future, plastic is ‘evdence’ of advancement into the privilege race; those of the high tech, high-rise, over-gated sky civilisation, looming way up in the heavens, above the smog scarred ground. Those left below dwell and fend for themselves, these are the characters that tell the story; Blue and his father Gideon, who ponder the meaning of the ‘polys’ that float back down, amid a derelict wasteland.

This weekend, with Love Cycle sending your heartstrings a message for the future,  say ‘no thanks’ to the plastics, make plarn instead, let’s have the Sun continue to shine brightly with an alternative future vision!

Stroll the clear path along to Circus Street this Saturday, from 11am, where we will be offering ‘junk to funk’ tasters and crafty demo’s, pick up any hastiliy abandoned items on your way, where they will be welcomed by the makers at Remade in Brighton.

Satsuma 'wood logs@ Hodges, with Remade floral plastci bouquet by Jackie Finkle.

Satsuma ‘Wood Logs’ Hodges, with Remade floral poly bouquet by Jackie Finkle.


Cable table top with floral poly bouquet, at Remade in Brighton

Cable table top with floral poly bouquet, at Remade in Brighton


Love Fix and the top produce crew.



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