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Inside Number Nine

Under the old Municipal Market at Circus Street

Under the old Municipal Market at Circus Street

In a week of extreme high winds, causing hazardous conditions around the UK, the Remade In Brighton craftivists are gathering up broken brollies and moving their supply suitcases into number nine Circus Street.

The Circus Street Municipal Market, originally opened in 1937, is now being utilised by local groups, before it is dismantled and redeveloped.

Remade in Brighton are particularly glad to have found a temporary home for their project,

which consists of reclaiming unwanted textiles, furniture and general left behind items, along with providing a community Huberdashery service.

Whilst doing a glance around the derelict arcades, I felt a great pang of wistfulness for the life and jostle of the market in its former heyday, when it would have been flourishing. As a utilitarian designer with a wry eye for conservation, I found the thought of demolishing the original features, façade and character of the old market somewhat unpalatable, quietly I wished for another solution to what architects have designed out of the plans.

My preference imagines the original character embedded into the design solution; a growing urban vegetable garden, a nurturing  platform for small micro traders with collaborative community enterprises, like the Wood Store, still at the heart of this central pocket of Brighton life.

On the 14th February Circus Street will be hosting an open day for the community to find out more and feel invited along to sample activities, as the Remade in Brighton collective look forward to ‘making good use of the things that we find’ by leading the first in a series of community Wombling Walks around the Circus Street neighbourhood.

Unit nine - the old 'Top Produce'

Unit nine – the old ‘Top Produce’



Inside Number Nine

Inside Number Nine

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