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Knitting Bug at Junkyard Dogs

It was really welcoming arriving at Junkyard Dogs cafe theatre bar this morning on Edward St, with the pop-up Huberdashery for our first Knitting Bug Meetup. Laura the cafe owner was very encouraging and so we spread out our stash of yarn, needles and hooks, to help get people started.


Remade in Brighton, Pop-up Knitting Bug Huberdashery

Remade in Brighton's Needle Stash

Needle stash


I chatted with Moira, she showed me her incredible work; shark slippers, brussel sprouts, chamelions, nothing was beyond her knitting capabilities, I was very impressed by such stunning and quirky projects. As the morning slipped by Moira did a crochet warm up and then moved onto masterminding a knitted brown beard in garter stitch for a knitted groom (can we hear wedding bells).

Crochet Warm Up


Moira at the first Friday of the month Knitting Bug, with work in-progress shark slipper.


Wendy Joined us on the subject of crochet too, we grabbed our handy Stich n’ Bitch crochet guide – The Happy Hooker (the book that taught me the best yarn hold for speedy crochet) and found some help in getting started. Wendy’s a knitter by preference and yet wants to build on her skills, a plan is to work steadily towards making a crochet monkey. Everybody needs one !

Jackie brought a full to the brim suitcase of yarn supplies, stuffed with kindly donated saved balls of wool and oddments. We gasped with delight at the amount of rescued yarn there was, thank you Jackie you’re a brilliant yarnaholic hoarder ! It would be inspiring for the group to use up all of the yarn in the suitcase on a Knit for Peace initiative; even if we all contributed just a few squares. Knit for Peace are charity knitting group that we recommend if you wish to start charity knitting for yourself as they target a wide range of in-need groups at home in the UK and abroad. Jackie got started straight away with a lovely baby blanket pattern and found a perfect giant ball of yarn that was just right.  The reuse yarn from the Huberdashery pop up suitcase is a community craft source at the ready to help new projects take shape and grow. Thanks for those that made the £2 contribution to the pot for keeping things like needles, hooks, and printed patterns in use by all knitters to the circle.


Jackie's baby blanket starts here !

Jackie’s baby blanket starts here !

Sarah has continued to dazzle with her innovative loom knitting; showing us her work- in-progress cape, crafted in beautiful tones of purple mulberry and plum. We’d really like to look at this technique further as the piece develops. In this version of loom knitting the cape is constructed with a line-by-line, up and back approach, most interesting.

I like the way it sits comfortably in the lap too. Varjak (the cat) would need to be careful around one of these devices.


Sarah's knitting Lap Loom

Sarah’s knitting Lap Loom


Crochet was very much flavour of the day, with Helen getting started on a giant granny square, the design is by Tracey Todhunter and is a great project for any beginner learning how to crochet. Good luck with the neckline Helen, please check in soon for any tips on moving the project forward.

It was super lovely to meet new people and welcome friendly faces to the knitting bug, it was a highlight of the week for me. Thanks to all who came, February is a short month so see you all soon at the first Friday in March !  Same time, same place. The group had a confessional feel to it – we admitted to being yarn lovers, so keep doing what you love and do it often !


Friday's Knitting Bug at Junkyard Dogs

February’s Knitting Bug at Junkyard Dogs

Loom Knitting

Lovely Junkyard Dogs Menu

Lovely Junkyard Dogs menu with leftovers


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