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Restyle Rubbish

A project working with teenagers and adults upcycling old clothes and
creating new items from rubbish through sharing creative and practical knowledge and
skills. Working towards a Trashion Show event, this shows an alternative to High Street
fashion, while promoting awareness and looking at the realities of the clothes trade via a
safe platform for debate.



The Huberdashery

A valuable resource entirely stocked with donations and found materials and equipment, fabrics, yarns, pins, needles, buttons, trimmings and threads. Available for you to reuse in your remakery projects.

Please bring in your leftover materials etc to keep our stock a flow!



“Remember You’re a Womble” Health Walks

“Making good use of the things that we find” – join us on a local walk to see what – “every day folk leave behind”, that we can bring
back to reuse, reinvent and remake, with a few stories along the way, as well as keeping fit.


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Brolly to Bag

This project uses the fabric from broken umbrellas to make ‘life bags’ while
raising awareness about the huge number of plastic bags we use and their impact globally
on the environment and particularly the oceans.
Bring us any broken brollies you have or find, or learn how to make a bag and discover
ideas for the leftover metal bits!