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The Circus is Leaving Town

Remade in Brighton having been sorting and packing up various materials this week as our temporary stay in ‘Top Produce’ unit nine is coming to a close.  The demolition of the existing site at Circus Street will start in July, with construction scheduled to begin this November.

This Wednesday evening was an opportunity to say cheerio to our remaking and upcycling community, with a little party celebration -thanks to Cathedral group; the urban regeneration hosts. Now it’s time to draw the shutters down.

Here are a few pick n’ mix moments over our colourful stay in the the old market, it’s been full of exciting adventures and has allowed Remade In Brighton to kick-start some new projects within the Tarner Community and Brighton Youth Centre.

Sarah's revamped bonnet at the showcase party.

Bonnet Bonne Amie; Sarah’s revamped hat at the showcase party.

Ergun ,one of the Circus Street hoop perfomer's

Ergun; one of the Circus Street hoop performer’s


Afghan crochet by hand

Afghan crochet by hand

Ergun showed us the other clever things can do – this was his Afghan crochet purse, hand-made in a striking geometric pattern, the man comes with skills in sticks and circles !


Selection of refashioned, Remade in Brighton's project suitcase.

Refashioned selection, from Remade in Brighton’s project suitcase.

Junk to Funk Blooms on Bikes, the BYC Trashion Show

Junk to Funk Blooms on Bikes, the BYC Trashion Show

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